Our way of working

Our approach is characterized by trust, solid problem analysis, objectivity, pragmatism, team work, and frequent interaction:

  1. BulletWe work closely with the people of the company, without deploying large teams of consultants. The company stays in the lead

  2. BulletWe get to the core of the problem, without producing extensive documents

  3. BulletWe perform factual and solid analyses, but focus at the same time on getting things implemented

  4. BulletWe emphasize the importance of getting all stakeholders on board, by taking their interests explicitly into account in all phases, and through frequent communication. We are convinced this is the only way to create sustainable value

Extensive experience

We used this approach successfully in the engagements since the start of our company in 2008, but also before in the merger process of KLM with Air France. Reporting to KLM's CEO we were responsible for managing the overall strategy and merger process (strategic assessment, negotiations, and post-merger implementation). Before, we worked at McKinsey & Company. We have ample experience in several industries, including transport and logistics, health care, financial services, energy, government, media, (heavy) industry, and telecom. In addition, we look for opportunities to use our expertise and business skills for addressing broader issues facing society. In some cases we pursue a more structural involvement in the organizations we advise.


When helping companies, we are highly committed from the start and dedicated to make them successful. We work closely with executive and supervisory boards, managers, works councils, and other stakeholders, often in an international context. We are used to a multidisciplinary way of working, often in cooperation with internal and external experts.

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